One of the best adult sex clubs located in the heart of Downtown. There are a lot of youth and always fun.

The organizers really tried very well. Various games and shows are regularly held here. Sometimes it is public sex, sometimes a pool volleyball. Just do not list. I will post a link here https://oasisaqualounge.com/events/ so that you can see their schedule.

At the entrance there is a Guard, which controls that only 19+ are in the club. Further, the entrance fee is a girl almost free, but the guys have to part with $ 80. You will be dressed in a bracelet that means payment and will be given a key to the box where you can fold your clothes.

And finally, you go to the box and part with the clothes. You plunge into another environment where you can not be shy to be naked and yourself. You can enjoy the jacuzzi, sauna or pool. You can go to the back yard to smoke, the only rule is to hide when you go to the back yard and you can’t bring drinks. Also on the ground floor is a bar where you can buy a drink.

On the second floor there is a sex room with different sex toys, lashes and the rest. And another room where various shows are regularly held.

You can only go to the third floor with a couple. I have never been there, but there is a van there for sex.

And so in the end:

- no parking;

- good bar;

- hot sauna;

- great pool;

- cute backyard

- interesting sex room

- magnificent show room;

- the mysterious third floor;

- youth.

Our rating: 9.3.